Cerro de Pasco, Perú 2017.

The city built around a mine.

In a city that has been dealing with historic pollution from mining for years, health problems associated with lead and other heavy metal poisoning are part of life. At least 2,000 children in the Pasco region live with chronic heavy metal poisoning, according to a report by local officials published last year.

The company which operates the mine in Cerro de Pasco, Volcan Compañia Minera, says that pollution in the area stems from previous operations.

And now with Volcan, which counts commodities giant Glencore as its major shareholder, looking to develop new mines in the surrounding area, the city is once again in the spotlight.

Since then the area has become synonymous with pollution and environmental damage. Government and private researchers, have found that mining waste from the city affects a water supply for over 100,000 people.