Mayra Martell (b. 1979) is a documentary photographer from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.   

She has worked primarily in areas of Latin America and Africa subjected to political, social and economical turmoil.   

In 2019 she is nominated for the Joop Swart Master Class contest. In 2016, she  received a grant from the National System of Creators of the National Culture Fund of Mexico, with a project on the daily life of violence and Narco-culture in the north of the country.   

 In 2014, her book Ciudad Juárez, published by the German publishing house Seltmann and Söhne, was nominated as the best in the European contest Deutscher fotobuchpreis. Her books,  Ciudad Juárez (Mexico) and Petare (Venezuela) are part of the CLAP festival! 10X10 Contemporary Latin American Photobook, where the selection is being exhibited by the United States and Europe. Her work has been exhibited in Germany, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, France, Spain, Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela and the United States, Brazil among other countries.  

Martell has received many distinctions and awards. In 2011 won the first prize in the Reviewer Award in the  At the 4th International Photobook Festival in Kassel, Germany,  and second prize in the Dummy Award    

She is based in Sinaloa, Mexico  and is currently working on a project called Beautiful, and in the book Identity Essay in Ciudad Juárez with the editor Alfonso Morales. 

On 2012, she founded the Non governmental Oganization, Diario Latinoamericano.